As much as I love pickup trucks, there are other things I enjoy. Here’s a few of them:

Investigating: My dad wouldn’t stop on road trips. I stop for anything and everything. Wall Drug has road signs for about 100 miles in South Dakota...after 50 signs I said, “We have to stop.”

Traveling: I don’t like being a tourist. I like being a traveler and learning about new things. While visiting a winery near Napa I ended up tossing grapes into the de-stemmer (or whatever they call it), and the owner showed me how they check the sugar levels in grapes.

Racing: I like to go fast—but only in the proper environment. I don’t usually speed on the freeway (well, not too much anyway).

Family: Family is the most important thing in anyone’s life. Left to right: Larissa, Christopher, me, Kate, Elizabeth, Jennifer.

History: I love history, and I’m intrigued by machinery. So this display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle held my attention.

Tours: I’m especially impressed when I visit companies that make things in a sophisticated fashion. Shop tours are really fun.

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