Many of the trucks built by the White Motor Company were classic designs. Some of them, like the Road Expeditor, continue to look current and are in use today-40 years after the design was introduced. This orphan HD crew cab pickup design takes cues from a few of White's significant models.

The bold, red grille shape with chrome vertical bands is inspired by the medium-duty Road Boss trucks from the '70s, as is the name of this truck. The twin shapes below the grille and corner shape treatment on the front bumper are derived from the over-the-road 7000-series COE models built during the '60s. The shapes continue along the side, leading to the Road Boss lettering. Some of the 7000-series trucks had vertical corner plates, and on this HD pickup the corner turn signals are also vertical shapes.

The chrome centerpiece above the grille is another detail derived from the 7000-series trucks, except here there are hood louvers. The roof picks up similar roof designs from the '59 1500 COE models. This truck has dual rear wheels, and to get away from what is typically shown in configurations like this, the side shape is flared out, starting at the front edge with the fake grille intake design.

Ted Alexander was one of those kids who always drew cars. Today, as a freelance designer/illustrator, his car, truck, and bus illustrations and designs are created for companies, magazines, and racing events. His automotive work is shared with a successful advertising career that includes designing brochures and logos and illustrating products for Chicago-area companies. His brochures have won national design awards, and his logo designs have been featured in American and international design annuals.