When Bruce Stafford of Colorado Springs, Colorado, decided to build a truck that was like nothing else around his hometown, he knew he had his work cut out for him. The truck had to look good, have lots of power, and be able to work hard without fear of breaking.

Let’s start with the powerplant of this ’11 GMC 2500HD. Bruce estimates that the 6.6L diesel engine puts out about 600 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. How? Well, there’s the stock VGT turbo paired with a BorgWarner 5474—Bruce is sure this is the first-ever twin-turbo LML Duramax on the street. The 20-percent Industrial Injection nozzles add to the power boost, as does the H&S Mini Maxx, and even more products. A Snow Performance MPG-Max was installed, along with an ATS Co-Pilot. A FASS Titanium series 220-gph fuel/air separation system keeps the fuel spotlessly clean. ARP 625 head studs keep the engine together.

All this power requires a strong transmission, and Bruce was lucky to have ATS practically in his backyard, so he became a regular visitor and learned everything he could. Eventually, the truck ended up with an ATS billet Allison transmission with ATS Five Star torque converter and ATS billet flexplate. A FloPro 5-inch stainless turbo-back with a 6-inch black chrome tip gets all the exhaust gases out of the engine.

Bruce also knew from the start that the truck would have to be lifted, so he picked up a 7-inch Skyjacker kit and added T-Rex traction bars and Fabtech HD tire rods. Rocky Mountain Driveline custom-built the driveshafts. Pro Comp supplied both the wheels and tires. The Xtreme All-Terrain tires are 37 inches in diameter.

Tough bumpers were a necessity, and Bruce went with the Iron Cross Automotive offerings, as they look great, fit perfectly, and are tough as anything available on the market.

A lot of work went into this pickup, and Bruce is rightfully proud of it. The truck even has its own Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/DirtyDDiesel).