Thanks from all of us at SoCal Diesel Trucks. We appreciated the mention in your news column in the October issue of 8-Lug. You need to stop by one of our truck nights sometime. I'm currently working on a new truck night for Orange County, as well as an open house party. This is the plan: Connor of Outlaw Offroad has a new facility in Santa Ana that just opened, and he has teamed up with Roland (formally with RBP) and now has a new company called Monarchy Motors, which is in the same location as Outlaw Offroad. They just finished up their new building and are having an open house party on January 15. Well, Connor and Roland would like SCDT to have its Friday night meets for the O.C. at their new building following the open house party. So, if it all works out, this would be a great time for you to stop by. We will talk about this more.
Michael Murray

Yes, Michael, we should talk about this more. See you soon.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Thank you so much, this is so awesome! I just picked up the October issue of your magazine, and imagine my surprise! I was expecting a great feature on my truck (your magazine features are always great), but the cover shot blew me away. The cover shot and a full feature in the magazine! What a great birthday present! My birthday is next Tuesday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Roy Ortiz

It was our pleasure, Roy. Seriously.

Holiday Feeling All Year
First off, I'd like say I love 8-Lug magazine, because it's like Christmas every time I find the new issue is out. I just got my hands on the Sept. '10 issue only to find my truck in the Bragging Rights section. Heck yeah! I'm so glad to see my truck made it into the magazine-that's awesome to show off to others.
Andrew Rhyne - Wagoner, Oklahoma

We understand the special kind of thrill that readers get when they see their truck in 8-Lug. That's why we're always encouraging people to send us photos and info on their rides. Send to: Bob.Carpenter@sorc.com.

Imagine My Surprise!
I got a text last night saying a picture of my engine was in 8-Lug. Curiosity got the best of me, so I went on the hunt. After seeing it, I couldn't figure out where it came from. I finally remembered it was one I sent to you for the Diesel Bombers article. I'll take any exposure I can, thank you. I've included some newer shots for you to take a look at, too.
Kevin Barr

Yes, your detective work is spot on. We are glad you were thrilled to see your engine. Isn't it cool that our friends know what our engine compartments look like?

You Screwed Up
On page 33 of the Sept. '10 issue you tell readers to throw out the vacuum-controlled boost canister in the top right picture. That is the CDR valve that controls the crankcase pressure, and it is needed for proper crankcase pressure. Keep up the good work.
Joe DeCampo - Arlington, Massachusetts