Take It!
I am writing to see if your magazine would be interested in taking on a project truck. The truck is a '97 Ford F-250 4x4 with a 7.5L engine and an E4OD transmission. I plan to do a lot to the truck, including a 12-valve 5.9L conversion, which I expect to make about 500 hp. I'm thinking about building up my transmission, or maybe doing a manual trans swap. I'm going to do more work on the paint and body, add air-ride seats and some small suspension upgrades (shocks, and replace worn-out stuff), and maybe finish it off with some sound system upgrades.

I am currently stationed in Iraq, so you would have the truck for at least 7 months for proper magazine coverage. You would have almost full control over vendor selection and which parts you wanted to use. You could also choose between the auto or manual conversion. I am writing to you because I believe you have the resources and vendors available to you to help me keep costs down. This project could be beneficial to your magazine in many ways: It could increase bookshelf sales because of the multipart series (as this conversion is very popular). It would benefit the vendors involved by publishing them and their products in your magazine. Your readers will be provided with an in-depth look at a conversion that is very popular and can easily be done in a garage over the course of a couple of weekends. And, of course, I will be able to get the truck I want and afford, and it'll be done by the time I get back.
Brandon Septor - Killeen, Texas

Wow, you've really thought this through, Brandon. It sounds like a great deal for you.

Lookee Here!
I've got a one-off custom Ford F-250 I'm looking to possibly get published in your magazine. I've sent a brief description and a picture, and if it's something of interest for the magazine, I can send more detailed pics. The truck is powered by the dependable 7.3L. The suspension consists of a custom four-link with King coilovers that are adjustable for an additional 7 to 8 inches of lift.
Bryan Griffis

It looks like you've spent a lot of time and money on your truck, Bryan. Send us more detailed pictures.

Wanna See It?
Hello, I've wanted to get my dad's truck in a magazine for a while. I know it has the potential, because I've seen your magazine. If you email me back, I will send pictures of what you want to see. I know you will be blown away. It's an '06 Ford F-250 King Ranch diesel, and it has a custom paintjob designed by me and my dad and a triple-double rollbar. So please email me back if you want pictures. I would appreciate it.
Nico Chavez - Franklin Park, Illinois

Of course we want to see it. Just a note to other readers out there: Send us a picture of your truck! No need to ask us if we want to see it-of course we do. Send to our editor at Bob.Carpenter@sorc.com.

Gimme Gas!
I am new to this magazine, and I have to say I really enjoy it. It's very informative and has great articles! I really look forward to reading up on what's new to get ideas for my daily driver, an '04 2500HD. The only thing I don't like is the fact that my truck is gas not a diesel. I have come to realize that your magazine is a little more oriented toward diesels. I don't mind buying your magazine either way, but I do feel a bit left out. Do you have any plans to cover more on the gas end of the HD eight-lug scene?
Kody Willis - Valrico, Florida

The fact that you think we are only "a little" more oriented toward diesels is actually a good thing. You see, Kody, not too long ago we were only a diesel truck magazine but decided to start covering gas trucks, too (we even dropped the word "diesel" out of our title and replaced it with "HD"). So, we're glad you found us, and yes, we plan to have lots more gas truck stories in the future.