Love The Story
I loved the story "Tour Of Duty" and what you did for Marine Lance Corporal Michael Miller. My nephews are both in the army and have had their share of going back and forth to Afghanistan, and they are making their family, friends, and country proud. I want to build them custom eight-lug rides, but with limited resources and an amputated leg, I can only do so much. Thanks for your support of our troops and for what you put into your magazine. Every one of these brave men and women deserve it.
Mark Hollenback

You are right, Mark. We have a special affinity for those serving our country.

Nerf Bars
In the September issue of 8-Lug I saw a black Dodge Ram 3500 dualie, which had nerf bars that stretched all the way to the fenderwells. I was wondering if you knew who manufactured them. I would love to have a set for my truck. Love the magazine, keep up the good work.
Bessemer City, North Carolina

No, we don't know who makes those nerf bars. Sorry.

Futile Search
I have been searching the Internet to purchase a subscription to 8-Lug and haven't been able to find it. My son is in Afghanistan and would be very excited to receive 8-Lug. I was wondering what the price was for a you have any good deals?
Via email

We're very sad to tell you that we don't offer subscriptions yet. We are hopeful that this situation will change in the near future. We're hopeful, but honestly, no one in management has given us any reason to be hopeful...

Photography Possibilities
I do a lot of photography at truck-based motorsports events, and I would like to see if 8-Lug magazine would be interested in some of my content. I have several hundred action and still pictures from sled pulls, mud bogs, and other events. I also have a large pool of trucks that would make for some great feature trucks.
Logan Stanforth
Lakeland, Florida

Of course! We would love to look at your photos and possibly run some of them in 8-Lug. Many of our regular freelancers started out just the same way. Send a few samples to

I wanted to see about getting a truck I shot featured in your magazine. I know you are shorthanded in this area of the country.
Phillip Hooker
Jacksonville, Florida

As we tell anyone...just send a sample photo to our editor at with some info on the truck to get things started.

New Products
My name is Joe Podlovits, and I am the sales manager for Prestige Autotech Corporation. We manufacture and distribute automotive wheel brands such as Panther, Incubus, Akuza, Ballistic Off-Road, etc. I want to know how we can get our products featured in your magazine's new products section.
Joe Podlovits
Chino, California

It's really easy, and this applies to anyone with a product that should be in 8-Lug. Email our editor at with a photo and a description of the product.

Hey, 8-Lug
I love the magazine, and I hope this is the year for subscriptions. That scavenger hunt at my local store for your magazine is a drag. By the way, in response to your question regarding whether you should continue to include jacked-up, trailer queen, will-never-see-mud-or-a-15,000-pound-trailer trucks in your HD/work truck magazine...let me give you the short answer: NO. I drive my '09 F-250 V-10 to work every day, including grocery duty and picking the kids up after school. I'm sure your readers will agree with me when I say I don't buy your magazine because I like to look at pretty trucks. Give me a break. Let's keep this a working man's truck magazine, in which we celebrate the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Matthew Latzy
Cincinatti, Ohio