15 Minutes of Fame
I want to know if you would be interested in a truck build project. I'm not asking for anything free like most people. I just want my truck in your mag and my 15 minutes of fame. I have a '10 Ram 2500 Hemi 4x4 crew cab, and I am putting an STS turbo on it. I want to know if you would be interested in doing a write-up on this project. I believe it would fill that gas/diesel gap in your magazine. I am also putting a lift kit on, but it will not be anything extreme. I just want my truck to sit on the same size tires as my wife's H2. Anyway, I have been in the Army for 13 years, and I am deploying to Afghanistan in April, so my super-awesome wife is going to take care of this project. I also talked to the folks at STS in Utah, and they will need my truck for two weeks. If you would be interested in this story, let me know. Thanks. Once again, I am not asking for any free handouts.

Michael Johnston
North Pole, Alaska

Why didn't you send a photo of your truck? We can definitely get you at least 15 minutes of fame-maybe more. While we can't spend two weeks away from the office, maybe you can help by arranging for photos to be taken. However it works out, we intend to get your truck in 8-Lug.

Extreme Trucks?
I don't often read diesel mags, but while sitting in my tech school in Wyoming, a classmate of mine brought this magazine in. Your January 2011 issue asked if you should run extreme trucks or not. I have to say, no, you shouldn't. Yes, they are cool to look at, but they have no real purpose. It's just a way to say, "Look how much money I have!" Every time I see one of those things I'm constantly reminded of the window sticker: "Nice truck! Sorry about your d*&k!" I would rather see more in-depth, real-world truck coverage. High-performance, purpose-built trucks-not California-style 12-inch-lift pavement-pounders.

Mike Lewis
Laramie, Wyoming

But if you don't buy 8-Lug, then why should we tailor the content toward you? Jus' sayin'...

No Flash
In response to your question posted in the Jan 2011 issue, I favor your move toward more real-world trucks. I used to like the flash, but as the years pass I find myself leaning more toward utilitarian themes, such as that found on Roger Dargie's '06 F-350 in the same issue.

Phillip Blake
Wichita Falls, Texas

Duly noted.

Stick with Daily Drivers
I have been a loyal reader of yours since I bought my first 8-Lug magazine with Redzilla on the cover, but that's not the main point of why I'm writing. I am writing on behalf of your thoughts about running extreme trucks. I feel that some of the trucks shown are over the top. What can you do with them? Sure, you can go to shows, but that's it-you can't show them off on public streets. Although they are nice looking and might fit the purpose of the builder, wouldn't you want to show a truck people can look at and relate to as a daily driver? Anyway, hopefully I haven't insulted anyone or yourself by writing my concerns.

Scott Wales
Napanee, Ontario, Canada

The 8-Lug readers are not all that sensitive...they are a hearty group! Thanks for your input.

Keep The Extreme Trucks!
Please keep the extreme trucks! It's easy to buy a lift and bolt it on, but it's also nice to see the metal work and fab skills that go into the crazy suspensions. I have an '01 Ram with a 24-inch airbag suspension and I live up in Ontario, Canada where there are lots of trucks with 3- to 6-inch lifts, but no crazy big lifts. I look at a lot of the pictures of the extreme trucks to get ideas. Every winter, I tear my truck apart and redo the suspension to keep my truck the tallest around. That's what I really wanted to say, but I have some other thoughts as well. Subscriptions would be awesome. I'd love it! Thank you very much for covering gas trucks. I have three eight-lug trucks, and they are all gas. Most people I know are interested in trucks with 6- to 10-inch lifts and 37s or 38s on 20-inch rims. Don't worry about rock buggies and mud-only trucks. I love those trucks, but we have 4-Wheel & Off-Road and Four Wheeler for that. You guys have the best mag right now, and you're doing an awesome job. Hope all this helps!

Kyle Meiszner
Ontario, Canada

Wow...we appreciate all the ideas (and this letter even had to be edited down to fit).

Well, We Did Ask
You asked how to make your magazine better-here you go! I have gone to the newsstand every single month-month after month after month-and still no subscription cards. I have done this since your very first issue came out! I kept waiting, as you said you were trying to get subscriptions, and then year after year passed and still no subscriptions. I'm just wondering what gives. You guys have several smaller, less popular magazines out that get subscriptions, yet the giant that is 8-Lug still can't get them! I have to hurry and get to the newsstand every month and risk the chance of not getting a copy, which tells me you guys are wildly popular, and again no subscriptions. Can we get an honest answer as to what the problem is? Thanks for your hard work and great magazine that I would love to subscribe to.

Tyler Boone
Northglenn, Colorado

We feel your pain. The honest answer? We are cheap. It costs the company more money to mail the magazine to you (paper, ink, postage) than what we can charge for a subscription.