Maxx Redux
After her Duramax showed up in 8-Lug magazine, Kelsie Epp thought we might be interested in a follow-up. "It's great to see my li'l truck in such a recognized diesel magazine!" she wrote us. "I've been working hard on the truck all winter, so I wanted to send some updated pictures I quickly snapped just for a preview. I will be getting a professional photographer to shoot the truck come springtime. There are still some final touches that need to be added/touched up in the interior, and since these pictures, Maxx has been lowered 3/5 inches via the DJM kit and has some upgraded suspension/steering components as well.

The interior conversion was a timely and frustrating process. We replaced the old, ruined carpet with an aftermarket version and tore out every plastic part of the light gray interior (and either swapped it with charcoal-colored pieces from a rolled '05 Duramax or thoroughly cleaned and spray-bombed the pieces with color-matched charcoal paint). Lots of rubberized rocker guard and black interior paint was put to use as accents as well.

The dash...well that is a work in progress...and quite a process it was. My friend Travis from Done Right Detailing started off with a square piece of that foam stuff you usually stick fake flowers in. At this point I was quite skeptical, but when I came to visit a couple of days later, he had the general shape of a dragon and had it fitting perfectly into the dip of the dash. Talk about time consuming! I never could have done it myself. A week or so later, he was fiberglassing the foam dragon and then we were ready to glue it onto the dash. Once it was on, Travis sprayed the whole dash with rocker guard.  The seats were interesting as well. Ordered directly from Katzkin, they arrived within a couple of days—quite impressive considering it takes forever for anything to come from the States into Canada. Travis and Jason from Done Right also took on the project of tearing off the old, worn-out factory leather and installing the much nicer Katzkin real leather with black ostrich inserts.

I changed the gauges to the more appealing, tinted GlowShift gauges with a warning light with the help of Ernie from Supreme Diesel. Maxx is now at Supreme Diesel waiting for QA1 shocks and CalTracs traction bars before I will be driving again.

500 Bucks
The Rancho performance shock and suspension brand of Tenneco is giving away pre-paid Visa debit cards of up to $500 in value to qualifying consumer enthusiasts in what the company is calling the Extreme Deal. You have until August 31, 2010 to purchase a qualifying (check with Rancho for all the details) suspension system and four Rancho RS9000XL shocks. There are several other combinations included in the deal, so check it out at:

Facebook All The Rage
Everybody is making a Facebook page for their company nowadays. ARE sent us this screenshot. Even 8-Lug has a Facebook page, at If you are a member of any of the Source Interlink Media magazines (we're talking Truckin', Off-Road, Hot Rod, Motor Trend, etc.) you can simply log into the 8-Lug site. If not, it hardly takes any effort to sign up. Do it now!