One of the things about ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and the like is that they aren't all that easy to get into the bed of your lifted pickup. After you put that 10-inch lift kit on you can just feel the tension when a bike is launched up a 5-foot ramp. That's where comes in. The company makes 8-foot, 91/2-foot, and even 11-foot-long ramps for loading toys into your mammoth truck.

We ordered a set of 11-footers because the extra-long length would guarantee us the most success with a variety of different-sized lifted trucks, and they would work with just about any type of toy we needed to load. When the package arrived, we were immediately impressed. The ramps are super sturdy and physically brawny. But the aluminum construction keeps the weight at a very manageable 36 pounds (for the 11-footers). Plus, they fold in the middle so stowing them is not a big deal.

The long ramps spread out the incline and make it much easier to get into the truck. All Long ATV Ramps have a 3-inch sidewall to keep toys from sliding off. Kick stops keep the ramps from sliding forward, so you can ride your ATV or bike up the ramp with confidence.

Simply put, we love them. Not sure how we were getting along without them, frankly.

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