I began researching camper jack options when I started having serious issues lifting my camper using the factory corner jack system. I was never happy with how the corner jacks worked. They took a very long time to raise and lower the camper, they seemed very unstable, and I never felt safe being around the camper when loading or unloading. Bottom line, my family members either found themselves dreading the process of having to load the camper on the truck (which resulted in many missed opportunities for spur-of-the-moment getaways) or, if we thought we might use the camper in the next several weeks, it would often stay on the truck for extended periods because of the hassle and time it took to load and unload. Given that this truck is my primary vehicle, I often hauled around the camper unnecessarily.

When I researched various jack systems on the market they all seemed to have the same shortcomings as the factory jacks. Then I discovered the Stable-Lift system. This design solved many of the shortcomings of corner jacks and had some additional benefits I never dreamed would be possible—like allowing you to use your camper off the truck once you reach your destination. Wouldn't that be convenient! After completing my research, the Stable-Lift was without a doubt the best option—the corner jack systems didn’t remotely compare.

The reason many of us choose to use a camper is that it offers flexibility. If you take the camper off at the campsite you then have the ability to use your truck. And that's not to mention the added benefits of not having to purchase, insure, and maintain a separate vehicle such as a fullsize RV. Most truck campers come from the factory with standard corner jacks. This system severely limits the versatility of the truck camper because of the time and hassle it requires to take the camper on and off the truck as well as the instability of the camper when it is off the truck. The corner jack systems usually require the use of sawhorses to support the weight of the camper when it is off the truck, which is virtually impossible to do on a trip away from home—who has the space to carry sawhorses with them? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use the camper while it is off the truck in the middle of a journey?

The Stable-Lift system solves these limitations by providing a safe and secure camper lifting system that enables you to quickly load and unload the camper, which makes it easier to use the camper more often, including when it's off the truck. Being able to use your truck as a truck once you arrive at your destination is a wonderful thing. It eliminates the necessity of bringing a towed vehicle for those quick runs to the store, and it gives you the freedom to explore off-the-beaten-path-type places you would never consider taking your truck to with the camper loaded on it.

The Stable-Lift is available for any truck and camper combination and is offered in a large variety of powdercoated color finishes. I chose a black frame to match the color of our truck and I think it blends in nicely—it all but disappears when it's on the rig. Stable-Lift offers a two- or three-jack system. The latter allows for more leveling adjustments while off the truck and is designed for larger campers up to 6,500 pounds. The framework is made of a very stout steel construction. Roughly 80 percent of Stable-Lift's customers perform their own installations of the Stable-Lift and the company provides excellent customer support.