The pressure to perform in the heat of battle is always a concern. Such is the life of today's diesel-powered trucks, which are constantly challenged to battle heavy, semitruck-style loads. But while today's torque-monster diesel engines may be up to the task, it is often the factory transmissions that become the weak link in terms of delivering the power to the tarmac. But there is a solution.

Today's factory diesel truck transmissions are outfitted with basically adequate components that will get the job done. But once you dig deeper, reviewing the critical parts inside, you can often find significant areas for improvement through the installation of a few carefully selected heavy-duty aftermarket products. For anyone who is regularly pulling large trailers or adding performance engine equipment, not upgrading the factory transmission is an invitation for disaster. The TCI diesel transmission improvement package includes not only an upgraded torque converter equipped with a billet steel cover (very important with all diesel applications), but also a number of internal transmission enhancements.

The most obvious and simplest modification you can make to increase the durability and longevity of your diesel truck transmission is through the installation of a high-capacity aluminum pan. TCI's Premium Cast aluminum pan increases the fluid capacity of Ford transmissions by a full 7 1/2 quarts. The more fluid in the system, the cooler your transmission will run—not to mention the fluid will last longer and have less contamination. These pans feature a special O-ringed mating surface (no gasket required), delivering an excellent seal and a high-quality, threaded drain plug to help make fluid changes easy.

Step two in our diesel transmission upgrade featured the installation of a new TCI Maximizer high-torque towing torque converter. Incorporating a steel billet cover (not so with factory torque converters) to ensure long life and excellent performance, these torque converters feature fully brazed internal fins and the best internal parts you can purchase, including INA bearings and high-quality construction. In testing conducted at TCI, these torque converters have proven to lower overall transmission temperature by as much as 20 degrees and improve fuel mileage.

The final steps in the process are the internal transmission and shift kit improvements. Anyone can make a transmission shift hard—the secret is creating a transmission that reflects the needs and style of the driver. TCI Maximizer truck transmissions use Red Eagle clutches and other state-of-the-art transmission products designed to generate the perfect towing transmission.