As truck owners, we have all suffered through the following scenario. We’re at the home improvement center and just bought something that is slightly longer than the bed length with the tailgate closed, or we have pretty flowers, umm…delicate cargo, that we don’t want to slide around in the bed and get damaged on the way to the job site. Enter the BedXTender HD by AMP Research. It instantly adds nearly 2 feet of usable length to the truck bed. When the extra length is not needed, the BedXTender HD effortlessly flips forward into the bed of the truck, providing a protected area to store cargo and protect it from sliding around in the bed of the truck. While in the stowed or forward position, the BedXTender HD does not interfere with the operation of tonneau covers. The engineers at AMP Research designed a quick mount system that also serves as a tool-free method to remove the BedXTender HD when it is not needed.

Common handtools and about 20 minutes are all it takes to install this flipping cargo management system. AMP Research holds a patent on the rounded-rectangle, 6063 T6 aluminum alloy tubes combined with a clamp-shell, nylon-composite upright design, which creates a strong, torque-resistant cargo cage. Torsional strength is achieved by clocking the non-circular, rounded-rectangular tubes inside the uprights to eliminate twisting. The uprights are made from fiberglass-reinforced, impact-modified nylon. The aluminum tubes have a powdercoated finish (black or silver), which meets OEM requirements to resist fading from ultraviolet rays to keep the BedXTender HD looking good for years. In fact, the BedXTender HD (made in the USA) is backed by a three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Got long cargo or precious items to haul? Get the AMP Research BedXTender HD and flip out or flip back once in a while.

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