26 Dirty D
Anything and everything

48 More Family Than Club
Central Florida’s High Altitude truck club

58 Tow Pig Gone Wild
A lifted two-wheel drive that gets driven

66 Fall Fuel Fest
H&S put on an inaugural event that was an instant classic

72 Hellhound
This one’s a keeper

84 SEMA Was the Goal
A cool truck was the result

94 Kentucky Wildcat
Jennifer Scott’s ’09 Dodge has its claws out

102 Gale Banks Comes Clean: Part 2
Thoughts on black smoke, DPF delete kits, and more

108 Slamfest Turns 20
Florida’s longest-running, club-promoted event just keeps getting better


36 Uni-tasker
Icon’s 2.5-inch lift has one thing on its mind

80 Traxxas Slash 4x4
Don’t call this truck a toy


The Garage 10
Lug Nuts 14
Product Profile 18
Mailbag 24
Bragging Rights 121